Our internationally valued products have a unique blend of aesthetic and utility and are formulated to heighten the interior senses of spaces.

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We have a team of trained individuals who help you in making the right tiling decision for your space. Our team would love to hear about your interior plans and help you achieve them.


The design approach we take while manufacturing our tiles involves quite an authentic process. We believe in originality and provide you with designs that are never seen before, hence making your spaces look unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. question

What are the maintenance
demands of Antica tiles?


The tiles by Antica Ceramica are high on durability and low on maintenance. Invest in these tiles and you need not worry about maintenance hassles as its very foundation is based on long-lasting design techniques.

2. question

Can a floor tiles be
used on the wall?


We would rather not recommend the above as a wall tile much more lighter than a floor tile. Hence, this may result in the dislodgement of tiles. Also, when you invest in Antica tiles this question wouldn’t even come to your mind as we different and versatile tiling options for different spaces.

3. question

How are tiles installed on the floor?


While installing, tiles are adhered to the subfloor with a tile adhesive. Once they are placed, the gap between the tiles is sealed to create a plain and uniform surface.

4. question

Where can we buy your product?


You can visit our store Antica Ceramica, 40, RAJA GARDEN, OPP.METRO PILLAR NO.371, NEW DELHI - 110015.
For appointment call us @ 9350406688

5. question

What is the lead time on your products?


We maintain example inventory in Mundka warehouse in Delhi. Ideally, we recommend 7-15 days lead time if the quantity is big.

6. question

Do you have a MOQ?


NO, we sell small quantities for retail use as well.

7. question

What is the price range?


Price starts with approx 30Rs per sq.ft onwards.

8. question

Do you laying of tiles?


No, we only provide the tiles.

9. question

Is there any discount on the products?


We gave the net prices after the discount.

10. question

Do you customize for small areas as well?


We do customization of designer tiles and we can make small batches as well. For online printing we need min. 2000sqm fro customization.

11. question

Can we use your tiles on floor wall?


Floor tiles can be used for a wall but not all wall tiles cannot be used in the floor.